Service to secondary students is provided on-site at several schools in the Niagara Region on a regular basis. School personnel, family members and youth themselves can request an appointment with the COMMUNITY ADDICTION SERVICES OF NIAGARA youth counsellor. Services are provided in either individual or group contexts. Educational groups for ‘high-risk’ students designed to increase knowledge and induce positive choices through interactive and thought-provoking activities are provided at the request of school personnel. Services are provided on-site and in the community


Youth SMART Recovery groups are a self-empowering support group ages 16-25 years. Our focus is to create a safe atmosphere for youth struggling with addiction. Youth SMART focuses on ideas and techniques that work to support change from self-defeating behaviors. Youth SMART Recovery meeting’s use scientifically validated methods to create self-empowerment, and development towards a lifestyle free of addictive behavior while also supporting the Harm-Reduction Model of recovery. SMART is not a 12-step program, rather a program which is evidence-based and aims to build practical, proven, self-management, and recovery skills.


Cason has developed and implemented a Youth Peer Support program to better support youth struggling with addictive behaviors. Our Peer Support is modelled on the belief that lived experience is a great asset and addition to support positive lifestyle change. Peer support is not to replace counselling, rather to offer additional support through a lived experience lens. Our Peer Support team help co-facilitate group sessions, and are available for one-on-one contact with clients looking for additional lifestyle coaching.


In partnership with Niagara Region Mental Health’s Early Intervention program, this program offers comprehensive treatment planning and individualized therapy for individuals aged 16 to 25, who are experiencing untreated addiction and mental health concerns.

A formal diagnosis is not required.  Services can be provided in our office sites, in the client’s home or at a location of their choice in the community.


Cason is the first agency in the Niagara Region to be providing full DBT therapy with a specific focus on youth and emerging adults (under the age of 25).

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is an evidenced-based treatment program that is effective in treating a wide range of disorders such as substance dependence, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. It balances thoughts, emotions and behaviors by enhancing skills to regulate emotion and reduce/eliminate high risk behaviors. The individuals learn to take action in their own life creating a renewed “life worth living.”


Do you know a child that has a significant person in their life (such as a family member, or other person with which they have frequent contact) that has an addiction issue?
Do you want them to learn more effective ways of coping with this experience?
If so, this 8 week therapeutic group might be for them! 

*Partnership with Powerhouse