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The Process of Change…Which Stage Are You At?

Remember the time when everyone was telling you that you had a problem with drugs or alcohol and you disagreed?  You really thought you had it all under control and that if you really wanted to stop you could.  And...
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Problem Gambling…So When is it a “Problem?”

Gambling is normally an activity that people find fun and amusing.  The lights, the sounds, the game and of course, the chance of winning! In this day and age, gambling is known as a form of entertainment that the majority...
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What’s Yoga Got to Do with It?

What does yoga have to do with recovery from addiction?  With all the physical and psychological benefits that the ancient practice of yoga provides, many people are now incorporating yoga as part of their daily life in recovery.  During recovery...
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Why is change so hard? Or is it?

Changing a habit or behaviour can be challenging for people, especially when it comes to changing the excessive use of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or gambling. We also know that many people have been successful in changing these behaviors before, which...
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