Amy Fishleigh

Amy Fishleigh has a passion for the field of addictions with both personal and professional experience. This experience involves several different populations and settings including life changing volunteer work at an adolescent treatment centre in Utah. For over a decade, Amy has been working in health promotion specifically in regards to substance misuse prevention. In her role as a Health Promoter, she utilizes evidence, best practices and theory to guide her in work in planning, implementing and evaluating local programming.  This role also involves participating in provincial and local committees moving substance issues forward. Amy co-chairs the Overdose Prevention and Education Network of Niagara which allows her to work with over 25 agencies in the Niagara community including CASON. In recognition of her leadership on substance issues, Amy received the 2018 CAO’s Award for Leadership Excellence. Amy places great value on contributing to her community in a meaningful way and being a part of such an incredible organization like CASON could not be a better fit.