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We are committed to excellence in providing client-centred addiction services for people seeking healthier lives.

We envision an inclusive community where people have the opportunity to overcome the challenges of addiction.

We value our staff and the client journey within a community of trust and respect, compassion and support, expertise and collaboration which inspires motivation, change, and freedom.

We exist to provide relevant treatment resources for individuals and their families in the Niagara Region with alcohol, drug and gambling addictions.

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CASON priorities

The Awareness Movement

• When you think of addictions treatment, you think of CASON.

• We have a greater focus on early intervention and prevention.

• There is a better understanding and acceptance of addictions and treatment.

Effective Organization, High Quality Service

• Everyone who is affected by addictions receives high quality, responsive service.

• The CASON experience is one of trust, respect, encouragement and support for everyone.

• Staff are engaged, inspired and appreciated within a culture of opportunity and innovation.

• Board members are engaged and connected to the CASON culture.

• Collaboration and partnerships expand quality service.

Access and Inclusiveness

• Our approach is individualized from a non-judgemental, compassionate and caring team.

• Access is flexible and timely.

• CASON responds to the needs of the Niagara community.

• Partnerships are strengthened to enhance access and inclusivity.

The right care, at the right time, in the right place.