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Programs & Services

CASON counsellors provide ongoing support in a number of programs available to people struggling with substance use or gambling behavior. The process begins with an initial assessment, which includes meeting a counsellor and sharing information related to substance use, gambling, physical and emotional health, family and relationships, and treatment goals.


One-on-one counselling sessions are offered at CASON for clients who are looking for help changing their use of substances/gambling/gaming.  Depending on your current situation and the availability of the counsellor, you would attend counselling approximately once every two weeks to once per month.  Your counsellor can help you to set goals, identify your triggers to use, and develop healthy coping skills to support your recovery. For more information on our individual counselling, please Click here.


Clients who are appropriate for and agreeable to briefer, less intensive treatment are referred to agency-provided counselling/treatment services. Educational and counselling interventions are delivered in individual, group and family sessions which employ stage appropriate, solution-focused and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques. Community treatment includes referral to residential treatment, individual and group counselling, family, youth and other services. For more information, please click here.


Day Treatment is a group-level intervention which is four weeks in duration, meeting Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It provides daily group process activities and focuses on life skills development and lifestyle change issues. (This program does not run on statutory holidays).

The program is repeated on a cyclical basis, with twelve (12) cycles annually. To enter the Day Treatment program an individual attends a group information and orientation session prior to the start of Early Treatment. For more information on the Day Treatment program, please click here.


There are a number of residential treatment “rehab” facilities available across the province for people who feel they need help in making changes to their gambling, gaming, alcohol and/or drug use and emotional and physical health.


The ASH program is for individuals in recovery with a goal of abstinence who have experienced multiple entries into treatment, to live in communal, abstinence based homes, with the support of an Intensive Addiction Case Manager. To qualify for the program the applicants’ primary concern must be substance use, they must be capable of living independently with support, and have been unable to obtain or maintain stable housing without support. To be placed in an ASH house, the applicant must complete a comprehensive assessment and follow through on all recommendations made as a result in order to stabilize their recovery. For more information on our ASH Program, please click here.


A remedial measures program for individuals who have been convicted of drinking and driving offences and want to be eligible for licence re-instatement. The program consists of assessment, education or treatment group and follow-up interview. The program is financed solely through a participant fee. For more information on the Back on Track Program, please click here.