Message from the CEO

Over the past year, the entire CASON team dedicated their efforts in our journey together, as mapped by our “Strategic Plan”. We are committed to raising our own bar and improving access to high quality services while creating more credibility for the specialty of addictions treatment. Here are some of the highlights of 2016/2017:

The Awareness Movement

  •   Expanded the Kids’ Group for young people whose parents are experiencing issues with addiction
  •   Received new LHIN funding for Early Intervention as a partner with Niagara Region Mental Health
  •   Expanded the scope of our supportive housing program to include developmentally appropriate services for Emerging Adults
  •   Celebrated National Addiction Awareness Week with our community partners Effective Organization, High Quality Service
  •   Began preparing for accreditation with the Canadian Centre for Accreditation. Our goal is to achieve accreditation status early in 2018, giving the public more assurance that our operations meet and exceed the standards
  •   Twelve CASON clinicians achieved GAIN certification to administer the evidence- based staged screening and assessment suite of tools
  •   Implemented electronic client files, thanks to the enthusiasm of our team in embracing technology and sharing information to improve client service
  •   Participated in many learning opportunities including advanced DBT training, Indigenous Cultural Safety and resources for clinicians and clients

    Access and Inclusiveness

  •   Two new group services have been developed to increase access to CASON services: Day Treatment Intake and the Education Group
  •   New group offerings for CASON clients are Structured Relapse Prevention and Smart Recovery
  •   Our motto has become “Let’s Give It a Try”, keeping us motivated to tweak and improve our services

Lisa Panetta


A Message from the President

It has been an honour to serve CASON over the past year. Our Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers who come together to provide governance to the organization. Over the past year we have worked on our own governance policies so that we may reach and exceed the standards of accreditation, just as the staff have been engaged in preparing for this goal for 2018. Of course, the work of CASON is more than policies and procedures. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to commend the staff for their commitment to providing excellent service to our clients, for it is the client’s journey that is always our focus.

I would like to extend special thanks to the Directors who have provided many years of faithful volunteerism to CASON, especially Norma Medulun Burke, Denice Robertson and Jackie Labonte whose terms have come to an end. And with goodbyes also come hellos. Welcome to our new Directors: Todd Waselovich, Mark Hall, Adele Filice and Adam Durrant.

We’ve had a great year and I’m looking forward to the hope that comes with 2017/2018 for an inclusive community where people have the opportunity to overcome the challenges of addiction.

Click here to read the full 2017 Annual Report (PDF)

Julia Sebastian